Client Instruction Cybersecurity

Scammers are using the legitimate Intuit Quickbooks payment service to collect money for products and services that were never ordered or delivered. At least a small percentage of people fall for this scam without ever realizing it while the scammers happily collect their money.

In the provided screenshots, the scammer also utilizes Intuit’s payment system to generate the email which gives it more legitimacy and makes it less likely to be blocked as spam. And the email is blanketed with the Intuit Quickbooks logo, again to give it more legitimacy.

An overworked accounting person or office manager could easily click right through and make payment on this bogus service. The Intuit Quickbooks invoice and payment service is a great tool for many small businesses. But like all things Internet related, it can just as easily be abused for ill-gotten gains. Keep a close watch and confirm any suspect product or service before you pay.