Client Instruction

Coastal PC Support utilizes Splashtop SOS for on-demand remote support. The process typically takes less than one minute to initiate and you are welcome to sit back and “watch the show” as your service is performed.

With advanced security features, Splashtop deploys two-factor authentication, single-sign on integration, endpoint MFA, blank screen, idle session timeout, remote connection notification, full session audit logging, and more. All remote sessions are protected with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption. GDPR and SOC 2 compliant, Splashtop solutions are designed to support organizations in meeting their HIPAA, FERPA, PCI, and other industry compliance requirements.

Splashtop does not process, store, or have access to any of our users’ computers or applications and data accessed during a remote session. Splashtop’s cloud infrastructure provides a secure networking and computing environment.

Important Note: If instead of typing the website address in the address bar, you search instead, then you may be directed to a fake support website that could infect your PC with a virus. It is very important that you only go to this link prior to downloading the application suitable for your device.

Allow your IT admin to access this computer

1. A small program is being downloaded to this computer right now.

If the download didn’t start, click one of the links below to download manually.

2. Launch the downloaded program. (Note that it will likely be in your Downloads folder.)

3. Give the 9-digit number to your IT admin.

When you want to end the support session, be sure to quit the program.

This ensures your computer cannot be remotely accessed any more until you download and run the program again.

Once at the website, you’ll see a screen that looks just like the one below. Make sure the address reads

If you open in Microsoft Edge you’ll see a pop-up appear at the top right of the page like the one below.

Click “Open File.”

If you open in Mozilla Firefox, you’ll see a pop-up appear on the screen like the one below. Click “Save” and then click on the “downloads” icon on the Firefox menu bar and open the file from there when finished downloading.

Regardless of how you open the SOS file, your technician will need the 9-digit code that will be displayed when you open the SplashtopSOS file.